Ctrl-Bar not working?

Ensure that your phone's Bluetooth connection is on. You also need to be in an area with mobile coverage.

Ensure that you have the latest version of the app and the newest firmware for the Ctrl-Bar installed. This is essential for proper functionality. To obtain the latest firmware, connect to the Ctrl-Bar, and you can find updates in the app under 'Updates' in the 'Settings' menu.

If you are experiencing issues with the Ctrl-Bar after making sure it's connected and updated, delete the app and reinstall it. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Unplug the Ctrl-Bar from its power source and leave it disconnected for at least five seconds.

If your Ctrl-Bar is still not working after trying the tips above, please contact us (support@greenmissionstore.com), and we will assist you further. For us to be able to give you the best help as quickly as possible, please include the following information in your request to us.

-What phone are you on?

-What version of AndroidOS or iOS?

-What is your device ID? (Go to Settings in the application → See number on the bottom) Example of an ID number: 20D15A00-D47F-48AB-9628-9837BDAB7E2C

-What version of Ctrl-Bar application? (Go to Settings in the application → See version on the bottom)

-What version of Ctrl-Bar device? (Go to Settings → Updates → Version should be on the top of the page)


Ctrl-Bar works with all Model 3/Y.

Ctrl-Bar attaches with a strong 3M adhesive. Installation is simple and self aligning.

To Set-Up and customize your Ctrl-Bar you need to install our app on our IOS or Android phone. 

Android App click here

​IOS app click here​​​


Ctrl-Bar connects to your phone using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and is powered via a hidden USB cable connected your USB port. Your phone runs the app in the background. The app listens for changes made to the physical buttons and then communicates this to your car using the Tesla API.

Your phone needs an internet connection (cellular or Wi-Fi), just like your Tesla app. Premium connectivity is not required.

There is a slight delay when sending commands over the internet from the Ctrl-Bar to your car. To avoid a degraded user experience, Ctrl-Bar has a screen in the center showing your real-time changes. If you, for example, want to change your temperature from 65 to 70 F, you would turn the knob five indents to the right. The screen will show your new temperature as you turn (66F, 67F, 68F, 69F, 70F). When you're done turning, it will send the new temperature to your car (in less than a second). This results in a great user experience with no latency as you turn the knob and press the buttons.


Greenmission ensures the confidentiality of your information. We only retain essential data for billing and customer support purposes, such as your name and address.

To enable Ctrl-Bar’s ability to control some functions on your Tesla vehicle, your Tesla account credentials are required. These credentials help generate an access token. When issuing a command (e.g., opening the trunk) from Ctrl-Bar to the Tesla servers, this token confirms the app’s authority to execute such actions on your vehicle. Communication is solely between the app and Tesla servers. Therefore the control of the car is safely managed in the same way the tesla app manages the control of the car. Greenmission neither have accesses nor stores this data. Your token is exclusively stored on your device for optimal security.


Turn the max heater mode on/off. This sets the temperature and fan speed to their highest levels and turns on the heating for your windows and mirrors. It's a favorite for a quick “one-click solution” when faced with foggy windows.

Toggle the LED lights on Ctrl-Bar for the ideal interior illumination. 

Press and hold the button for the LED light for 1 second. The display will switch to "LED settings". You can now use the right scroll wheel to adjust color and the left scroll wheel to adjust brightness.

Switch between on/off and the three different heat-settings by pressing the button. You can choose which of your 5 seats you want to control through the app. It's convenient to have a "one-click solution" to change the seat temperature without having to look down while driving.

Lock / Unlock your car. A useful "one-click solution" to lock all your doors in an emergency situation.

Open and close the trunk by pressing the button.

Open frunk by pressing the button. Sorry - you cannot close it ;-).

Ctrl-Bar has two knobs for controlling the temperature.  Ctrl-Bar has a screen in the center showing your real-time adjustments.

Want different temperatures for the driver and passenger? Easy! Just adjust the temperatures separately on your Tesla screen (split). Then, let Ctrl-Bar know by pressing the specific button for 'split/unsplit' on the Ctrl-bar. After that, you can use the left and right scroll wheels to control each temperature individually.

Activate dog mode. It keeps the climate control running when you've left the car, and displays a message on the screen for passersby that "your dog is ok".

Turn on camp mode. Maintains temperature, airflow, and lighting for a comfortable camping experience.

Turn “Keep Climate On” mode. Maintains temperature when you are out of the car.

Frequently asked questions

Multiple users can use Ctrl-Bar. Each user downloads the app and sets up Ctrl-Bar as usual to connect with the same car. The car connects to the first phone that comes within range. If one wishes to switch from one user to another while in the car, the currently connected user must disconnect Bluetooth on their phone. Ctrl-Bar will then connect to the other user who has Bluetooth on.

To program a button for LED light control, navigate to the app and select the desired button. Once assigned, this button becomes your LED light controller.

For adjustments in color and strength:

  • Hold the assigned button for three seconds to activate LED control.
  • Use the left scroll wheel to adjust light strength.
  • Use the right scroll wheel to cycle through different colors.

Yes, the left-side USB-C port can act as a charging point or be used for whatever else you wish