Bringing physical buttons to tesla model 3/y


Drive with

Full ctrl

Two scroll wheels with tactile indents give the driver and passenger complete control of the cabin temperature. Four push buttons ensure easy access to programmable shortcuts. Keep scrolling to see everything they can do!



Ctrl-Bar attaches securely to the bottom of the main center screen. The premium black glass finish blends perfectly with the screen bezel. All communication with the car happens wirelessly.


Night drives

Ctrl-Bar can illuminate your center console and front footwells with lighting from a series of powerful LEDs. Scroll through different colors and brightness settings on your Ctrl-Bar to find the perfect color for your drive!

programmable buttons

Here are a handful of the functions you can assign to the four push buttons.


Connect Ctrl-Bar to hundreds of services on the internet through IFTTT, and control everything from myQ garages to your Irobot. *Subscription *might not be available at launch

seat heaters

Set your favorite seat heating level with one click. Instead of clicking through (Auto,3,2) on the Tesla screen.

control leds

Turn On/Off the Ctrl-Bar LEDs. Hold the button and use the scroll wheel to select your favorite color.

keep climate on

When leaving the car for a quick trip to the grocery store simply click one of the buttons and your car will have the perfect temp when you get back.

dog mode

Does your dog watch your car while you're gone? Make sure they have the perfect temp with one click.

much more

As we get suggestions from our customers we will work hard to add their request. We've already received feedback that people want OBD support to control wipers, headlights, regen etc. We are looking into adding that in a future OTA update and a dongle.

Tesla finally gets buttons and physical inputs, thanks to new smart accessory



How does it work?

Ctrl-Bar connects to your phone using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and is powered via a hidden USB cable connected to a rear center console USB port. Your phone runs our app in the background. The app listens for changes made to the physical buttons and then communicates this to your car using the Tesla API.

Your phone needs an internet connection (cellular or Wi-Fi), just like your Tesla app. Premium connectivity is not required, and our app will prioritize your privacy, only capturing the data needed to run the services.

There is a slight delay when sending commands over the internet from the Ctrl-Bar to your car. To avoid a degraded user experience, Ctrl-Bar has a screen in the center showing your real-time changes. If you, for example, want to change your temperature from 65 to 70 F, you would turn the knob five indents to the right. The screen will show your new temperature as you turn (66F, 67F, 68F, 69F, 70F). When you're done turning, it will send the new temperature to your car (in less than a second). This results in a great user experience with no latency as you turn the knob and press the buttons.


Ctrl-Bar works with all Model 3/Y.

Ctrl-Bar attaches with a strong 3M adhesive. Installation is simple and self aligning. If you wish to remove Ctrl-Bar, the adhesive has a pull tab you can pull to remove the adhesive.

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