Latest News !

Latest News !

NB: You need to update both the SW and FW for the Ctrl-Bar to work.

NEW SOFTWARE AND FIRMWARE RELEASE - Our software team has now completed a new software and a firmware release.

NB: You need to update both the SW and FW for the Ctrl-Bar to work.

Software release note 1.1.4 (33)

  • Split functionality
  • Possibility to see Device ID
  • Minor performance improvements

Firmware release note v.1.1.19

  • Keep temperature updated in memory
  • Reduce temperature send limit to 300ms
  • Go out of LED settings whenever another button is pressed ****
  • Do not turn off LED lights if LED settings is active and LED button is pressed
  • Show LO and HI instead of lowest and maximum temperature
  • Show if phone is connected
  • Turn off LED if device disconnects

If you experience issues, try restarting the app and Ctrl-Bar, and ensure that your phone's Bluetooth connection is on. You also need to be in an area with mobile coverage.


Tesla has announced the development of a new API for partners, which promises improved stability and a more robust ecosystem for third-party applications. Greenmission is proud to be recognized by Tesla as an official third-party service provider. We are currently updating our codebase to migrate all our customers to this new platform, and anticipate all customers to be on this plattform 20th Desember. Our focus is on ensuring that you have access to the most reliable platform possible before we introduce new features, and new features will be launch in January after all are migrated to the new Tesla platform.


The Ctrl-Bar app is now approved by Apple in the App Store. This means that everyone who has used TestFlight must now download the app in the App Store instead.

CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENT We thoroughly tested the systems prior to launch, yet we continue to identify areas requiring attention. Should you encounter any problems, kindly email us so we can address them in upcoming software updates. For suggestions on enhancements, please share your thoughts on:

Once again, we deeply appreciate your patience and the support you extend to us.

Drive Safe!

Best regards, Vetle AG Husby Founder and CEO of Greenmission